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The Scoreboard

The scoring is as follows (from inner the circle and out)
50, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 (see picture on the right).

The target is mounted on the wall at 1.7 meters from the floor to the center of the bullseye.

The object of the game is that every player starts at 505 points and work themself down to zero. The players are positioned at least 2.2 meters from the target.

To determent who starts, a round is played were every player throws one axe each. Closest to the bullseye starts the round.

Each player has three axes and shall throw three axes every round. Every axe that miss the target or fall out are lost and do not score in that round.
However, if a axe bounces back behind the 2.2 meter mark the player can take that shot again.
When a player are able to exit the game they must exit with a exact number. Lets say you have 10 points left, then you must hit a exact 10 to exit. If you hit another scoring that round is over and the next player gets to throw. First one to get to zero exit and win the game.


How the axe must hit in order to qualify for the higher score

If the axe hits with any part of the axe blade on the higher scoring ring,  count the higher score.

If the axe hits with the corner of the axe blade and the rest is in the air above the next circle, the lower score counts.